For the past few weeks, with our teacher Lenny, we have been doing activities on the Cuban Missile Crisis. We had had to make a venn’s diagram and a mind map, hope you like what I did.

History-The Cuban Missile Crisis

The poem that I chose for this activity is “A Litany Of Poetic Devices”   The night peevished in silence Here on the grass I sit-but my heart stood I hear my tiny thought tingle It fluttered in my head like the wings of a bird But, will this peace […]

Inversión poem

In Literature class, Pat Chujman, our teacher, told us to write a poem of a landmark in Buenos Aires. Juan Elia, Francisco Montoya and I chose “La Bombonera”. Hope you enjoy it.   In the classy “barrio de la Boca”                      […]

Poem La Bombonera

In class, we answered some questions about the story “Billenium”. Hope you enjoy it.   With close reference to the text of the short story Billenium explore the following questions in detail. Remember to include quotations and page numbers for the quotations in your answers: 1- Write a detailed synopsis […]

Questions Billenium

The Estadio Alberto J. Armando (formerly the “Estadio Camilo Cichero”) is an association football stadium located in La Boca district of Buenos Aires. Widely known as La Bombonera due to its shape, with a “flat” stand on one side of the pitch and three steep stands round the rest of […]

Poem “La Bombonera”

Unas semanas atras, con el colegio hicimos una visita a la casa rosada. A continuación les dejo el video de nuestra visita.

Video visita a la casa rosada

En la clase de lengua hicimos un trailer sobre el libro “El Príncipe De Las Tinieblas”. Lo hice con Bianca Ieraci, Trinidad Porretti y Sofía Mele.

Trailer del príncipe de la niebla

In History class our teacher divided us in different groups and we have to make different presentations about the Road To WW2, this is my presentation of Anschluss with Austria, 1938, where I worked with Sofia Mele and Olivia Obligado.    

History Presentation; Anschluss with Austria.

LANGUAGE TEST   What happened to the male character, was that he was unconscious at the side of the road, on a very cold night. The girl was going back from work when she realized she had forgotten her phone, and decided to go back and look for it. That […]

Language TEST

Durante la clase de Historia estuvimos viendo la independencia de los Estados Unidos, y luego, junto a un compañero, tuvimos que realizar un listado de los hechos mas importantes, en orden cronológico. Yo trabajé con Olivia Obligado Mitad siglo XIII América fue escenario de una revolución. Durante los siglos XIII […]

Trabajo historia