The activity that I enjoyed the most was reading the short story «The Destructors» due to the content of it and the type of activity we did. Firstly, we started by reading the story all together. This was very helpful to me and many of my classmates because we could […]

E-portfolio-The Destructors

             El boom latinoamericano fue un fenómeno literario que surgió en 1960 cuando se dio a conocer la literatura latinoamericana en el resto del mundo. Si bien el boom no fue un género literario, las obras que forman parte del mismo presentan características de latinoamerica, de sus costumbres e historia dándole […]

Ensayo colectivo lengua- Oliverio Llobet

La semana pasada la profesora nos dio la tarea de explicar que era un e-portfolio. Esto es lo que respondí: Un e-portfolio es una herramienta virtual la cual sirve como un estilo de carpeta, donde podemos postear nuestras experiencias y asi tener un registro ordenado y de facil acceso. Mi […]

E-portfolio lengua

  The other day the Art teacher told to do a paragraph of our final drawing. This is the task: Write a paragraph describing your whole creative process. Include the artwork that you used as a starting point, with a picture and a caption that shows name of the artist, […]

Art Final Drawing Paragraph-Oliverio Llobet

Trabajo práctico historia Juana zufriategui, Oliverio Llobet, Tomas Braun y Bianca Ieraci Discurso Stalin Camaradas, hombres y mujeres del pueblo Soviético, trabajadores y obreros, soldados del Ejército Rojo, a ustedes me dirijo hoy para anunciarles una muy triste noticia. Nuestro líder, Lenin, ha fallecido debido a una hemorragia a las […]

Trabajo Práctico Historia Stalin

Final work   Choose a conflict that exists today Explain: Participants, conflict and objective Find a poem, text, song, article, text, etc. which talks about the conflict. Suggest a solution   Conflict: Climate activist clash with French police   French police used riot shields and pepper spray to clear scores […]

Art as a form of creation-final work

In Literature we have been dealing with the topic War Poetry . Our teacher Pato divided us in groups, in which each had to work in a specific poem to then teach it to the rest of the students. The presentation had to include 8 points of analysis; Information about […]

Hipótesis: Julio Cortázar puede ser considerado como un modelo del escritor argentino e incluso del escritor latinoamericano. Julio Cortázar puede ser considerado como un modelo del escritor argentino e incluso del escritor latinoamericano. Julio Cortázar fue un escritor nacido el 26 de agosto de 1914. Aunque su nacimiento se produjo […]

Ensayo sobre Julio Cortazar-Oliverio Llobet

Use a torch to focus on a companion’s eye. Write down your observations with bright kight and dim light. Search a video which explains the pupil reflex. Complete the following chart. Observation: When exposing the eye to bright light the pupil constricts. On the other hand, when exposed to dim […]

Pupil Reflex-Oliverio Llobet and Francisco Montoya

This is my booktube of the book Deadly Harvest, by Carolyn Walker. I chose the activity in which you had to change the cover of the book and explain what would you improve from the original one. Hope you enjoy.

Booktube 3rd Term