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Pablo, nuestro profesor de geografia, nos dio un trabajo para hacer sobre una persona que vivio la caida de la URSS, espero que les guste. Seguei está instalado hace 18 años en Buenos Aires. Serguei nacio en Taskent. Cuando nacio era parte de la union sovietica. En 1991 la union […]

Geografia- preguntas sobre Serguei

Have you ever had a moment in your life in which you acted like a two year old? Well this is what happened to the protagonist in the story “eleven”, written by Sandra Cisneros. A girl called Rachel was turning eleven that day, but she felt every age below ten […]

Eleven summary

    ELEVEN BY SANDRA CISNEROS   BY: Gonzalo Irazusta, Bautista Buljevich and Oliverio Llobet   Writer: Sandra Cisneros.     She was born in Chicago in 1954. Sandra studied at Loyola University of Chicago and the University of Iowa. One of her many successful works was Mango Street, which sold 5 million […]

Eleven sandra cisneros

Diputados\Senadores de la Patagonia.      Por; Trinidad Porretti, Juana Zufriategui y Oliverio Llobet.   Tierra del Fuego; Senadores; Boyadjian, Miriam Ruth. Movimiento Popular fueguino.10/12/2013- 09/12/2019. Catalan Magni, Julio Cesar. Frente para la victoria.10/12/2013- 09/12/2019. Crexell, Maria Lucila. Movimiento popular Neuquino. 10\12\2013-09\12\2019.     Diputados; Carol, Analuz Ailen. Frente para la Victoria. […]

Trabajo formacion ciudadana

Last week, with our teacher Pilar, Trinidad Porretti, Abril Teran Frias, Marcos Okecki and me volunteered to do a presentation of present tenses, hope you like it!  

Present tenses

This is task 1 of celebrities: I admire Francesc Orsella Because he has a different type of acting and I find that very interesting He has nothing in common with the people in the picture due to he is an old person He acts in a serie called Merli I […]