Art Final Drawing Paragraph-Oliverio Llobet


The other day the Art teacher told to do a paragraph of our final drawing. This is the task:

Write a paragraph describing your whole creative process. Include the artwork that you used as a starting point, with a picture and a caption that shows name of the artist, title, year and technique. Explain why you chose it, what captivated you from that piece of art and what aspect you used as a reference or inspiration for your work. Include also pictures of your sketches and technique experiments. Explain your choices, what worked and what didn’t, and why. Conclude with an assessment about your finished work. Could you do what you were trying to do? What failed? What succeeded? Why

This was my paragraph:


Firstly I Saw a sculpture Which caught my eye instantly. Digging more into it, I found the creator of this, her name is Laurence Vallieres.

          After finding some facts about her I started creating a painting of my own. In my sketch I wrote my ideas for my painting. I wanted to do a Gorilla that occupied nearly 50% of the page. The animal was divided by a vertical line in the middle. One side of the line was a cell, representing how we advertise animals and cage them while they should be free. In the other side there I wanted to draw a jungle, depicting the liberty of the animal and how this should be the same for all Gorillas.

           Afterwards, when I started drawing the real drawing I started doing my Gorilla with circles until I finished by giving him a face and an actual shape. I believe this was very helpful for me. Then, I did the “jail” on one side and the jungle on the other. The cell was based on straight horizontal lines while the jungle was drawn on a manga style. Finally, I wanted to keep it that way but both the teacher and I agreed it was a little bit incomplete. That is why I decided to draw the Gorilla with black pencil. This turned out to be a terrible idea, as the drawing was messier than before. I should’ve not did that. Finally, although the last thing I mention heavily affected the drawing I believe my final result was not bad at all.

This is my drawing: