E-portfolio-The Destructors

The activity that I enjoyed the most was reading the short story “The Destructors” due to the content of it and the type of activity we did.
Firstly, we started by reading the story all together. This was very helpful to me and many of my classmates because we could share in common what we understood and ask everything we didn’t quite catch. Afterwards, we had to read some bits on our own. This was helpful as I could improve my own understanding of the story without being influenced by other people’s perception. Moreover, I believe mixing both reading all together and by ourselves is a very good way to please everyone and to get the best of the both ways of reading.
Finally, I could connect this activity to real life and ourselves. This is because in the destructors a group of teenagers are escaping their houses and lying to their families to do something illegal and dangerous. Although we haven’t done things in such high level of hazard, I think this is heavily connected with our class in general, always defying our parents and trying to break the rules.
All in all, I believe this activity was the best one we did so far, not only for the great short story but for the activity in general, and the incredible connection I could find.