1)-Choose 2 important quotations from the conversation they have and explain them. “CHRIS: For God’s sake, three years!  Nobody comes back after three years. It’s insane”. This quote is very important because Keller and Chris are going to determine if they should tell her mother that Larry is not coming […]

All my sons acticity-Oliverio Llobet and Juan Elia

A partir do tema trabalhado na última aula, nomear e explicar 3 (três) mudanças a respeito das funções sociais e culturais do homem e/ou da mulher. Por exemplo, as mulheres estudam carreiras universitárias e se desempenham em suas profissões de uma maneira semelhante aos homens.   Para mim, durante o […]

Portugues-Primeira actividade

Durante todo el primer trimestre, en las clases de literatura hicimos muchas actividades relacionadas con la literatura Argentina y latinoamericana. Leímos novelas como “La cautiva”, investigamos sobre escritores muy reconocidos que representan la cultura como lo es Julio Cortázar, leímos otros dos cuentos de Jorge Luis Borges aparte de la […]

E-portfolio lengua reflexion

E-portfolio final activity   All throughout the year, in the subjects Literatura and Literature , we had to do 10 e-portfolios. These consisted on explaining an activity, sharing why you liked it and then compare it to something else.          Firstly, I loved making these e-portfolios because I think was a […]

E-portfolio Lit

In this activity, we had to make a poem that described a picture taken on our phone. I used a picture of myself in Bariloche, while snowboarding.    This is the picture and my poem.    Watching the defying mountain,  Sliding in the risky board Through the fast snow Enjoying […]

E-portfolio-Picture Poem

When we speak about war, we generally think about total disasters full of weapons, bombs, injured soldiers and suffering. Also, luckily for me, I see war as something completely different and distant from me. What I never had thought before was, why do we think of soldiers as something completely […]

E-portfolio-War poetry