Today we did an experiment with Cecilia Adem. This were my results   Nov 22nd Pw 11 Booklet p 32 Aim: to see how a liquid expands when heated 1)results: water is stable 2) What happens to the water level in the tube? It is always the same Transfered- energy […]

Biology practical skills

This is my proyect about the urinary system, un this proyect se had to do our urinary system using things of trash, I made the urinary system using the tube inside the siphon, Colored threads, markers, cotton and a plastic bag. I worked with  Sofía Mele.

Biology proyect

News Report:        Frightening tragedy struck in Mexico City, on Tuesday, on the anniversary of a devastating 1985 earthquake that killed which killed about 10,000 people. At 2:14 pm Eastern time. The US Geological Survey reported a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter some 100 miles away from the […]

News Report

Este trabajo lo hice con Luz Esteban, Francisco Montoya y Gonzalo Irazusta.            LA IDENTIDAD https://youtu.be/97HSsCrRS-8 Capítulo 6 La identidad (pago. 76 ss.) Identidad (del latín) = lo mismo, lo que no cambia ¿Qué es la identidad? La identidad es el conjunto de los rasgos propios de un individuo o […]

Trabajo práctico civica