Durante todo el primer trimestre, en las clases de literatura hicimos muchas actividades relacionadas con la literatura Argentina y latinoamericana. Leímos novelas como “La cautiva”, investigamos sobre escritores muy reconocidos que representan la cultura como lo es Julio Cortázar, leímos otros dos cuentos de Jorge Luis Borges aparte de la […]

E-portfolio lengua reflexion

E-portfolio final activity   All throughout the year, in the subjects Literatura and Literature , we had to do 10 e-portfolios. These consisted on explaining an activity, sharing why you liked it and then compare it to something else.          Firstly, I loved making these e-portfolios because I think was a […]

E-portfolio Lit

In this activity, we had to make a poem that described a picture taken on our phone. I used a picture of myself in Bariloche, while snowboarding.    This is the picture and my poem.    Watching the defying mountain,  Sliding in the risky board Through the fast snow Enjoying […]

E-portfolio-Picture Poem

When we speak about war, we generally think about total disasters full of weapons, bombs, injured soldiers and suffering. Also, luckily for me, I see war as something completely different and distant from me. What I never had thought before was, why do we think of soldiers as something completely […]

E-portfolio-War poetry

Hace un par de semanas con nuestra profesora Camila hicimos un trabajo sobre latinoamerica y como se relacionaba con los libros que leímos (El coronel no tiene a quien le escriba y por amor y otros demonios). Nosotros hicimos una cartulina relacionada con la naturaleza. En el primer dibujo, muestra […]

E-portfolio lengua-cartulina

Final work   Choose a conflict that exists today Explain: Participants, conflict and objective Find a poem, text, song, article, text, etc. which talks about the conflict. Suggest a solution   Conflict: Climate activist clash with French police   French police used riot shields and pepper spray to clear scores […]

Art as a form of creation-final work